Drum Culture

Drum Culture

It is said that drumming goes right through

.the heart.

It is felt that drumming creates power


It is known by those who drum that it is the space

.in between

.that is most important.

Sharing these secrets, bringing this knowledge to others.

Playing from the heart, exploring, discovering, generating,

and finding the

.depths within.

This may be said to be the first step towards drum culture.


What is Drum Culture?

Well ‘Drum Culture’ is the first of what I call the ‘Culture Projects’, a set of projects that aim to explore particular aspects of our world.
‘Drum Culture’ has two different elements.

The rhythm and the Drum

From a deep instinct I always held in my heart as a drummer when learning the drum kit was the questions, “What else is out there?” How are drums used in music and beyond? How many different ways are there to play drums? how many different drums are there? What roles do drums play in for different people? How does rhythm intertwine with the mind? These very broad questions lead to ‘Drum Cultures’ first remit, to conduct research into drums, drumming cultures, drummers and people around the globe, sharing ideas, observing, learning and working in the field with the people that live and breath with their drum culture . The research is contemporary as well as historic and aims to delve deep into the mystical world of rhythm and the drum.

Music is an expression of life!

To play music is a powerful experience that enriches lives.

Drum cultures second arm is to create the atmosphere for people to come together, explore and make music.

This has included workshops in schools, through to university, as well as Projects and interdisciplinary work that has included collaboration with choreographer and fine artists.

With a cohort of drums I was given the opportunity to meet with the people in the ‘jungle in Calais’, to jam and exchange our music.

With the ethos Drumming beyond all bounds! Drawing on music from all over the world from Japan to Africa, from ancient traditions to contemporary compositions, even the soundscapes of the natural world. Drum Culture will continue to work with people to learn, to grow, and to share knowledge from the mystical world of the rhythm and the drum.



Drum Culture