Sound is a material, physical and ethereal,

.solid and hollow, full and empty,

It has qualities found only when listening.


.My work is inspired by this phenomenon,

by the diversity of cultures around the globe,

. and by ever learning the sonic lessons

.taught to us by the voices of the natural wild.



Composer and Sonic Artist

As a composer the Icelandic word tónskáld, meaning sound poet or sound weaver, may be a more appropriate term for my approach to composition. The sonic quality, the imprint of each sound, how they interact with each other, how the music twists and turns to form a physical, tangible and emotive world these things could be considered important. However Looking for links through someone’s work often turns into a wild goose chase. For me if anything it would be the power and energy that sounds, as they manifest, have on our world, and us. A composer creates through channeling and manipulating the detailed, complex emotive power of sound.


One afternoon as we recorded a few drum parts the percussive drive for the piece started to emerge and I realised I could finally answer a creative calling. To write a piece that was unashamedly massive, with big drums, numerous string sections, synthesisers, and more. This however was only part of our journey in creating a piece that for us is an instrumental tale of many modern day tales, stories both human and wild, of those seeking refuge and striving to survive.

It’s My Blood, It’s My Love, It’s My Home


It’s Mine and I do what I want wit it.

Working in collaboration with Joseph Brook we set out to create a piece of music, one that could grow and develop, a piece that took on a life of it’s own. However oppressive the piece may become there are moments of fragility and most importantly most of strength.

Inspired by the stories of those I met in ‘Calais Jungle’ and the wild places of the world ‘My’ is about a common narrative, a thread that twins many stories together. The threads of conflict, of self interest, of power and those of virtue, courage, love and sacrifice. I do not mean to say that we have managed to capture or express this complexity but this behemoth of a piece fierce and fragile may touch in these things for you, and in the very least it is our homage to ‘my blood, my love, my home’, and whatever that may mean for you.

What is Written in the Sky of Your Mind

A soundscape to a memory scape.

What is written of your life?

Memories some fleeting and some that remain.

The sky of your mind clear blue or fraught with clouds and thunder.

No matter we venture under your skies to hear your story.

Landscape, soundscape, memory


Working in collaboration with Dr Darren Aoki I work to tell Nancy’s story. The result ‘What is Written In The Sky of Your Mind’ presents a ‘memoryscape’ in sound. In its aims to represent the feelings and impressions of Nancy’s experiences, within a context of inexorable historical forces, exploring the interpretive and narrative capacities of historical digital storytelling. It is a collaborative effort between narrator, artist, and researcher who, in all the aesthetic, scholarly, and ethical decisions made, recognise the paramount importance on the integrity of narrator’s voice, stories, and identity. In this story-telling experiment, the narrative force of words is displaced; sound – natural, edited, manipulated – instead drives communication and shapes engagement with the audience.

Emerging out of the Southern Alberta Nikkei Oral History Project, a pilot initiative of ‘talking’ history which aims to tell the stories of Nikkei – people of Japanese descent – in one of North America’s least understood yet significant communities, southern Alberta. The focus of the Project is distinctive because it seeks to hear the little treated story of what happened after the Second World War by asking the very people whose memories narrate these stories. It employs an innovative range of interview and story-telling approaches to open Nikkei history. The Project is led by Dr. Darren Aoki of Plymouth University (United Kingdom). It includes partnerships with key local heritage and cultural organisations including the Nikka Yūkō Gardens, Galt Museum, and Nikkei Cultural Society of Lethbridge and Area. Special thanks go to Plymouth University Humanities and Performing Arts Research Impact Seed Funding which makes this ‘sonic film’ possible.

A little bit about Dr Aoki

Dr. Aoki is Lecturer in World History. His research interests include gender and sexuality in twentieth century Japan and East Asia. More recently, he has worked on the history of trans-national migrations and encounter, with a specialisation in oral history and digital storytelling methodology. The incitement, recording, and preservation of memory is at the heart of his research, teaching, and public heritage activities. In his collaborative partnership with the Centre for Oral History and Tradition (University of Lethbridge, Canada), he is exploring the postwar history of Canadians of Japanese descent in a new initiative, the Nikkei Memory Capture Project.


“This is…wow. I’m speechless. Really. This is a phenomenal piece of art… I had shivers within seconds. At times I felt so unsettled, almost sick to my stomach. By the end I was shaking. This is so raw and powerful. Although she doesn’t say a lot, what she does say has so much meaning. The sounds and music are so carefully chosen, so provocative. It is haunting in parts. It really pulled at me, pulled me in. The end asks the listener to think not just about Nancy but about themselves…How is my name part of my identity, my story, how does it symbolize the way I embody my world, my past, present and future and represent myself to other people.” Dr Carly Adams 2017

Marrying the Sun

A rite of passage from a bygone age,

.Modernity and tradition in contention

.as the young girl and the devil.

A commission to work with the old and the new- 2015


The short film ‘Marrying The Sun’ details the life of a young girl and her coming of age ceremony and the temptation and conflicts that arise from the encounter between a modern teenage life and an ancient Nepalese tradition. Working with composer Joseph Brook Missing Wolf created a film score blending aspects of Nepalese and Indian music together with acousmatic, orchestral composition. Featuring ‘The Dancing Dead’ – ‘Kerplunk Ice Warrior’ – 2012


Composed by Jospeh Brook and Missing Wolf

Drums and percussion performed by Missing Wolf

Featuring ‘The Dancing Dead’



First Step

It is often the initiation of an idea

that offers us the greatest challenge.


.The first foot print in the snow may tarnish the landscape,

However it may melt the snow to reveal a see of dreams.


.With that in mind a good piece of advice would be to take that step.

The story behind the first step- 2015


Main theme music for the film ‘The First Step’ by PJB Films. Music commissioned by PJB films for their short film. ‘The First Step’ follows a young man’s struggle to pick him self up after sustaining an injury to his right and the journey he takes to re-take that first step.

Music Composed By Missing Wolf and Joseph Brook



I am the joy of pain, the shattering shards of glass

.are my symphony,

.my very skin.

Through my burning and twisting I am an obelisk,

I am Kamikaze.

Exploring the story of a Pain Artist – 2013


The detail on the skin, within the eyes,

Expression captured where words could say no more.

Missing Wolf and Violinist Richard Moore worked to tell the stories uncovered through the series of films tittled ‘Diving’ which premiered at the Summer Hall in Edinburgh, Scotland, along side its sibling pieces, I go to Hurt, Lease of life, and Dance Translucent.

An artist of Pain his story told by the shattered glass and the marks left by his art.




Standing, no, kneeling in suspense,

. here to worship

. here to pray

here to howl, here to weep, no, to laugh.

. The dance leaves its marks, creates its story.

The vagabond, the stray, the subtle flame burning, burning, gone.

Exploring the story of Barry – 2013


The detail on the skin, within the eyes.

Expression captured where words could say no more.

Missing Wolf and Violinist Richard Moore worked to tell the stories uncovered in the series of films produced for an exhibition titled ‘Diving’ that premiered at the Summer Hall in Edinburgh, Scotland, alnong with Kamikaze, Lease of life, and Dance Translucent

A man lost with no home with his history in scars in his body. What lies under the exterior created from such a history?


Lease of Life

Released is that which is locked

. beneath the skin

. Celebrating the slow demise

through the final act we find consolidated power.

. We touch, we move, we dance, to the sorrowful jig

of the chorus of strings.

Exploring the story of of a man facing his fate – 2013


The detail on the skin, within the eyes.

Expression captured where words could say no more.

Missing Wolf and Violinist Richard Moore worked to tell the stories uncovered in the series of films produced for an exhibiton titled ‘Diving’ that premiered at the Summer Hall in Edinburgh, Scotland. The music ‘Lease of life’ created the soundtrack for the film of the same name.

Join a man dying as he celebrates his dance with his fate.



Dance Translucent

. Have you ever heard the

. Sound of smoke, the ethereal

. expression

. of this ghostly apparition?

. The silent specter

. singing as

. it dreams aloud.

Exploring the story, the dance, of Smoke – 2013


The detail on the skin, within the eyes.

Expression captured where words could say no more.

My self and Violinist Richard Moore worked to tell the stories uncovered through a series of films created for exhibition at the Summer Hall in Edinburgh, Scotland.’

Dance Translucent’ accompanies the film ‘Fume’ – the voice of smoke has all ways been so quite, unheard, its beautiful song missing from its choreographed movement across the air. That is until now.




(A) Being, (in) an eternal process,

. changing, shifting, transforming

It is wooden, it is digital, born of fire, living as water, a master of air.

. It is sonic material?

. It is infinitely small, and larger then the mountain.

It is living experience,

. living to change,

. it is of this world, and of another, it is Molecule.

Composer, Alchemist, God? – 2013


Molecule was an attempt to express the true physical and tangible quality of sound, as well as the ability to create a narrative, of an ever changing existence through sound alone. By giving birth, or if you like creating life, to the supposedly physical, living being Molecule the stage was set for such an exploration. Although the piece may sound dark and unknown Molecule is a playful critter, one that is ever changing and transforming.

Composed by Missing Wolf 2013

Suicide Factory

1                         *poof*

2       boom!

3                crash!

4                         slash/

5   a glitch

6                a whisper muffled, a mechanical heartbeat

7       someone’s daughter, someone’s son™

8 It is not because I learned how they died; it is that I learned how they lived.

Aiding one man’s very important mission – 2012


Suicide Factory is the result of an on-going collaboration between writer Li Yan and Missing Wolf.
Li Yan’s journalistic investigation and collection of information around the conditions pertaining to the lives and deaths of those who work in huge factory complexes in China.

Suicide Factory written by Li Yan
Composed and Produced by Missing Wolf

Voices: Missing Wolf, Sabrina Sauer, Nick

Violin: Sarah Clayman
Cello: Joseph Brook



Scene 1    First Jump

A young man falls from a high building to his death.

Ma Xiangqian, male worker, age 19, worker of Foxconn fell from high building and was announced dead.

Time and Date: around 4:00am in the early morning of 23 January, 2010.

Scene 2    Second Jump

A girl jumps from her third floor dormitory and falls on first floor.

Tian Yu, new female worker, age 17, jumped from third floor dormitory and fell on the first floor, seriously injured, paralysed from waist down.

Source: Nanfang Weekend Newspaper

Source: Something rotten at Apple’s core? Shocking roll of suicides at iPad factory in China revealed, Richard Jones in Shenzhen, 29th May 2010, The Daily Telegraph.

Date: 17 March, 2010.

Place: Longhua Park, Foxconn.

Scene 3    Third Jump

A young man falls from a dormitory building to his death.

Male worker* age 23, fell from his dormitory building and fell dead on the spot.

Date: 29 March, 2010

Place: Longhua Plant District, Foxconn

Liu Zhijun

Scene 4    Fourth Jump

A girl falls from her dormitory building.

Rao Shuqin, female worker, age 18, fell from her dormitory building, receiving hospital treatment.

Date: 6 April, 2010

Place: Guanlan Building C8, Foxconn

Scene 5    Fifth Jump

A girl, from a high building, falls to her death.

Female worker, named Ning, age 18, fell from a high building to her death.

Date: 7 April, 2010

Place: Guanlan Plant External Dormitory, Foxconn

Scene 6    Sixth Jump

A young man is dead.

Male worker, age 22, dead.

Date: 7 April, 2010

Place: Guanlan Zhangge Village, Foxconn

Scene 7    Seventh Jump

A young man jumps from a balcony and falls to his death.

Lu Xin, male worker from Longhua Plant District, age 24, jumped from a balcony and fell to his death.

Date: 6 May, 2010

Place: Longhua Plant District?

Scene 8    Eighth Jump

A girl jumps from ninth floor of an apartment building and falls to her death.

Zhu Chenming, female worker, age 24, jumped from her rent room on ninth floor of an apartment building and fell to his death.

Date: 11 May, 2010

Place: Rent room of an apartment building, Shenzhen?

‘It is not because that I understood why they died, but that I learned how they lived.’ LIU ZHIYI undercover reporter- 12 May 2010.

“Help!” He probably wouldn’t know what he was screaming about just now. But I believe that I had heard the cry from a group of souls. They have become used to the fact that their efforts turn into a desperate struggle having tried their best to make a change. They are not sure if they have the strength or not to break through the cocoon of their life.

I put my ears against a corridor wall. I heard the sound of machines from all directions: steady and non-stopping. That is the heartbeat of this factory. Everyday under such fixed frequency, workers work, walk and eat. Now I understand why I, under no pressure from anyone, would walk really fast on the factory road, eat really fast in the dining hall with no comfort. You feel just like a component. You enter the production line, obey and follow its rhythm, and, like a slave, you belong to that heartbeat at 4 O’clock in the morning. There is no escape.

maDneSs, Sexuality, and death

Will you come with me, will you follow?
Through mADness

Into death?

All the people’s vices or our fears – 2011


maDneSs,Sexuality, and death, inspired by experimental film ‘Taboo’ by Chad Adir.

It was my desire to create a response to the core themes of the film, Madness, Sexuality, and Death. In doing so it was my intention not just to creating a sonic interpretation of the original film but to explore the themes in ways that only sound is capable of.

Each topic, even as a singular word, is incredibly provocative, the hidden pillars of society that weave through our lives. Our madness, our sexuality, and our death, pervasive, shunned, denied at times. Recognise the ultimate taboos.

Composed by Missing Wolf

Vocals Sabrina Sauer

Violin and Vocals Emma Francis


Favor and Disgrace are Like Fear

Favor and disgrace are like fear. Honor and distress are like the self.

What does this mean?

Favor debases us afraid when we get it, afraid when we loose it.

The self embodies distress,

. No self

. No distress. . Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

Ch’ung ju jo ching – 2010


Favour and Disgrace combines the words of the Tao, an ancient philosophy originating in China 500 BC and directly borrows the text of the Tao Te Ching, attributed to the mystical author Lao Tzu. I found great inspiration within the paradoxical beauty of the Tao and through study of the texts quite a mind opening experience.

In combination with the ‘Tao Te Ching’ ‘Favour and disgrace’ utilities extended techniques on the Tuba and Guitar to help to create a new sonic and rhythmic space that allows the atmosphere of the piece to form. This was a result of a close working relationship with guitarist Ben Lennox and Tuba player Mark Riseborough who helped to tailor the piece to their own creative wishes as instrumentalists. The process and execution of this piece came from a very unique dynamic that blurred the lines of composer and performer one which I have adopted in many scenarios since.

Composed by Missing Wolf

Guitar Performed by Ben Lennox

Tuba Performed by Mark Riseborough


Extract from the Tao Te Ching

Favor and disgrace are like fear.

Honor and distress are like the self.


What does this mean?


Favor debases us.

Afraid when we get it,

Afraid when we loose it.


The self embodies distress,

                  No self

                  No distress.


Respect the world as your self:

         The world can be your lodging.

Love the world as your self:

         The world can be your trust.

                                    Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching