Do not forget as with Karate-do Taiko

         begin and end with


Martial arts and music share many principles

                  establishing mentality over technique,

learning to withdraw power,

                                 and setting the mind free.

                           Taiko demonstrates this


Apply the way of Karate,

                           apply the way of music

                                                        therein lies its



Taiko where music and martial arts meet

I have studied the art of Taiko since 2009. Firstly under the instruction of Kordian Tetkov whom along side my self established the first university funded Taiko group in the UK Ikazuchi Daiko, who are still actively performing to this day.

In 2013 I joined Taiko Meantime, one of the Uk’s leading Taiko groups, performing and touring as a main member of the ensemble as well as working on Taiko Meantime’s educational program alongside bandleader Mark Alcock.

In performing Taiko I found a unique blend, in creating and playing music, drumming, and martial arts. My experience of Shotokan Karate has had a huge impact on my approach to Taiko effecting my sensibilities of the instrument and how I want to approach playing these drums.

Taiko appear throughout my work, in compositions, various collaborations, and my own performances. There is a depth to Taiko, I believe the same as can be found within Karate, and it is this which I find most interesting.